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At Accelerated Home Health Care, we pride ourselves in providing quality Medical Care in the comfort of every Clients home and that is our guarantee

Welcome To Accelerated Home Health Care

As a premier home health care provider in Las Vegas, Accelerated Home Health Care has significantly lowered unnecessary hospital admissions and re-admissions over the past decade with our highly respected Specialty programs in the medical community. Some of the Specialty programs include:
are all designed to keep our clients in the comfort and safety of their homes. Contact our office at (702) 832-5810 and discuss your individual needs; our caring staff are here to assist you.

Types Of Care


Personal Care

Personal care, also known as personal hygiene, refers to the daily tasks and routines that individuals perform overall well-being.


Medical Care

Medical care refers to the services and treatments provided to individuals to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat  diseases.


Special Care

Special care can refer to healthcare services that are specialized and tailored to a particular medical condition or specific needs.

Mobile Imaging & Phlebotomy

We will have your ordered labs performed in the comfort of your home

DME and Personal Care Assistance

Hospital beds, walkers, bedside commode, supplemental oxygen, In-home caregiver services

Wound care specialist

Wound care services provided in the comfort of your home in collaboration with your Doctors

Medication Delivery

Convenient medication delivery to your residence

Our solutions

For the best patient outcome by:

  • Keeping families together
  • Helping senior citizens maintain their independence
  • Preventing hospitalizations and infections
  • Lowering cost of healthcare

Join our Team

We Are Growing & Hiring

Come and start your career with a 5 Star Medicare a certified healthcare organization that is locally owned and operated by its employees. No investors, No corporations, No financiers, just caring
and dedicated individuals determined to make a difference in our community. Please click below to start your career with Accelerated Home Health Care. Begin Your Employment Application Now
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Our Promise

Every client receivcs the best qualiry medical care form us

Call our office (702)832-5810 to start your free consultation
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